These buds are crying out! They were about to come out today.

After long winter, the tree was getting all excited to bring forth its leaves. 

But the tree was cut down yesterday. 


This is where the tree was standing. Now looks empty!

See the other small bush in the picture? It has buds too. This bush is lucky; well, at least this time! It can have its leaves out tomorrow. 


When I came home from work, I was greeted by the vrooom… of the wood cutting saw. I suddenly realized that my tree must have gone. I quickly glanced in the direction of my gate. And this is what I found! 

The branches with buds were blocking my entrance into the lot. I glided through them. They seemed to say to me: ” What have you done to us? We are unborn leaves. You have aborted our right to live.” 

I agreed. I turned back and guiltily turned back once more. The buds were dancing in the gentle breeze as though they were still fresh and happy! But they were dead already! The symptoms of withering would take a couple of hours, unlike for men or animals, giving out a sense of false bonhomie. 

I went inside the house. And then I thought. Well, I would blog about it. The fate of an innocent tree: here today, and gone today. And then I said to myself, ” No, I will call it ‘Abortion.” The the life of the unborn leaves were lost. 

Isn’t this the symbolism of the fallen rose flower that ignited a poet to write, “You were like a queen yesterday, but now nobody cares for you. Alas!”



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  1. No, I do not think that your comparison is good. Nature is wasteful, immensely, and Man has had to fight against that tendency of nature to produce by the millions and kill by the millions, too. Also remember that a fetus is not comparable to a flower, but to a little fruit. The flower, not always in fact, but in its definition, is only waiting to be fertilkzed.

    • So you believe in vegetation under human dictatorship. Natural growth is messy and we must step in to kill.

      I used the word abortion as a poetic exaggeration, not as metaphor.
      In another sense, it has literal meaning too- man aborted the natural process.

      You have an authoritative style of commenting, leaving no room for a counterpoint. Did you use capital M in man on purpose?

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