How to talk to an angry student or customer? Humorous skit.

The following is an imaginary conversation. A student ‘A’ is speaking with a lecturer Mr. X. This skit could be adapted to fit a customer relationship exercise too.

faultless child-like laughter - the best medicine!

If you practice the conversation of Mr. X, there will be remarkable results. Although it may appear simple, it is by no means so. Pay special attention to all the instructions. First of all, you have to imagine that you are a primary schoolchild watching circus for the first time. You are allowed to laugh and enjoy as much as you wish. There may be weighty issues bothering you, but while practising this exercise, you have to forget all those issues completely.This is like singing a song. So you need to make some syllables long and some short. If you find one alphabet repeating, it shows a drag in speech. Besides the drag, take care to maintain the tone of the primary school boy throughout the conversation. I have used the cue tag ‘steady’ wherever it is necessary to control the emotions and switch to the school boy mode.

I can assure you that this is a very difficult drill. But practice makes perfect. Best of luck! Here you go:A enters angrily.

A: (rather curtly and with impatience) Good Morning Mr. X! How are you?
X : (steady) (smiling) Fineeeee. And youuuuuu???

A: Graduation in the afternoon???
X : Yeeeees!

A: You have reduced our marksss!
X: (steady) (smiling again) Ah haaa! Ah haaa! Ah haaa! (This is modified version of diaphragmatic  breathing exercise. If you are a fam of Indian guru Ramdev, you are better off following his method of breathing. For novices, though, ‘Ah’ should be breathing in, then ‘haaaaa’ breathing out slowly. The ratio of timings for ah:haaa is approximately 1:3. Try to make the breathing heard)

A: Mister, it is very baaad!

X: (steady)

ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! (precisely five times and with the school boy tone)
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! (repeat three times)

A: Byee, see you mister!!
X: Seeeee youuuuu!!!


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