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Purpose-Driven Life


I made a few posts earlier this year, which were kind of summary of sermons at a church. Since then I took a long sabbatical, so to speak, from blogging.  I am coming back for a few posts. 

When I started posting from sermons I had the idea to finally summarize the views in them and to add a postscript of my own. Here we go: 

Rick Warren’s book of the above title is said to have sold 30 million copies and has made it to the New York Times bestseller list. Mitt Romney made some observations pointing to the title of the book as a general American way of life. Obviously it merits a lot of respect in the study of social behavior of the times, which is why I painstakingly penned a few compendiums. 

Romney made the following comments at the University of Notre Dame during the run up to the presidential election. American values are based on individual responsibilities, value of education, dignity of labor, merit of service, commitment to something more important than oneself and family values, according to him. It is actually a clever summary of Rick Warren’s position actually, with the exception that Romney used the euphemism of ‘something greater than oneself’ to mean ‘god’. 

I agree with the ideals summarized by Romney and hope that everyone would agree. I would expand on the concept of ‘something greater than oneself’ as helping or respecting others in everything we do. 

In business, the idea of ‘creative capitalism’ espoused by Bill Gates a few years ago is a turning point. Every corporation now makes sure they get involved in charities. General Electric company now calls itself a ‘we’ company and not a ‘me’ company. The other day I sent out my updated resume for comments to a buddy in Toronto. His comments were to add volunteering and charitable work to my profile, which I did. Everyone is gearing up to the idea of something greater than oneself. Isn’t that remarkable?