Where have all the leaders gone? Minneapolis!


Lee Iaccoca asks the question in his book of 2007: “where are all the leaders gone?

Actually the context is USA and he is talking about lack of leadership in manufacturing, businesses in general and politics.

I like the question for the possibilities in brainstorming as it is at once provocative and tricky. Sounds like a trick question to me.

I would give a few answers in the next few posts in the local context of Winnipeg, Canada, and in the larger philosophical context.

My answer today is : “Minneapolis.”

All leaders are skedaddling.

There is a flight of businesses out of Winnipeg to Minneapolis, the latest example being the bellwether medical equipment manufacturer IMRIS. Winnipeg Free Press reported a few weeks back that the Winnipeg innovator and founder of IMRIS  is moving to Minneapolis.

Now I have a few rhetorical questions. Don’t bother to answer them and, I must admit, I don’t have all the answers. But the questions are good ones. Have your pick.

Why is IMRIS out of Winnipeg?

What can Winnipeggers do to stop leaders and businesses from fleeing Winnipeg?

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz’s declared goal is to make Winnipeg a livable place for the next generation, make it possible for the new generation of educated youth to find work and life in Winnipeg itself. Is Sam failing?

I am glad to hear your opinion. Please post a line of comment. Thank you.

And do come back tomorrow for my next surprise answer to Iaccoca’s question.



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