“Where have all the leaders gone?” We retired them!


Politics is a very unstable ground for leaders. I am talking about International Aid minister Bev Oda. I talking about Jean Charest, former premier of Quebec. I am also talking about ousted Toronto mayor Rob Ford. And indeed I am talking about former Montreal mayor Gerald Trembly. And of course, I am talking about former liberal leader Michael Ignatieff  too. I just remembered Hugh McFadyen, former leader of Progressive Conservatives in Manitoba. All of them left leadership positions over allegations or election defeats. And we are not to leave alone the beleaguered Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz, who is on the firing line right now: a recent Winnipeg Free Press opinion poll shows that the people favour his ouster.

All of the above leaders were extremely successful leaders once upon a time, but they were forced to change course, in some cases for flimsy reasons.

My favorite quotation is that of former Montreal mayor Gerald Trembly speaking after his resignation. ‘When I was a young man, my father told me never to get into politics because it was dirty and would destroy me.”

Hmm. Interesting..

So that is why I insist that the leaders have fled the scene because we pushed them out of the lime light.

Perhaps they wanted to stay and not run away. But the simple fact is that we didn’t let them stay. Are we, the public, and the journalists being too fussy about what a political or social leader should or should not do?


I value your views. What do you think?

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