Leadership warts and all (2012)


“Success is a lousy teacher,” said Bill Gates. So let me look for some lessons in big-ticket leadership flops of last year.

SNC Lavalin : Accused of bribing. RCMP searches offices. CEO changed.
XL Foods: biggest food recall in recent times. Ownership changes.
David Petraeus: Resigned post of director of CIA over impropriety in extra-marital relationship. It was called a love ‘pentagon’.
Rob Ford: Judge ousts Toronto mayor for petty ‘conflict of interest’ case.
Quebec liberal premier Jean Charest resigns amid student protests and loses position.
Costa Concordia ship capsizes in Jan 2012: Captain Francesco Schettino acted irresponsibly leading to death of 32 people.
Kodak bankruptcy : Once considered the global leader in photographic equipment and supplies, it was a major story about the consequences of not accepting required changes at the right time.
J.P. Morgan announced two billion dollar loss in trading.
Lance Armstrong: 9-time winner of Tour de France cycling competition was stripped of all titles for doping and fell from grace. He resigned from his charity for cancer Live strong.
Samsung Vs Apple patent case: Apple wins $1 billion award in US courts, but Samsung beats Apple in the market place.
HSBC bank: Accused of laundering money for Iran, agrees to pay huge penalties in USA.
Abusive mortgage practices of US banks: Five US banks agree to pay $25 billion in settlements.
Research In Motion: CEO resigns over failures in strategy, new CEO appointed.
Barclays executives resign over rate fixing.
British Petroleum agrees to pay $4.5 billion in settlement over gulf off-shore oil spill.

What are the lessons that stand out?

Leaders who ignored safety, pollution and ethics always suffered big time taking their companies with them in the downfall.

Complacency of a mega business company in not seeing the writing on the wall for substantial changes leads to the death of the company.

Personal integrity is paramount for leaders at the highest level.

Sometimes victory comes to bold leaders who challenge systems and compete with rivals.

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