Napolean Hill’s leadership view


New age leadership has to be by consent; leadership by force and exploitation will not endure. Leader must have the following qualities.
1. Unwavering courage.
2. Self control
3. Keen sense of justice
4. Definiteness of decision
5. Definiteness of plans.
6. Habit of doing more than paid for.
7. Pleasing personality.
8. Sympathy and understanding.
9. Mastery of detail.
10. Willingness to assume full responsibility.

According to Hill, the ten major causes of failure are the following:

1. Inability to organize details.
2. Unwillingness to render service.
3. Not doing, only knowing.
4. Fear of competition from followers.
5. Lack of imagination.
6. Selfishness.
7. Intemperance.
8. Disloyalty
9. Authority by fear
10. Emphasis of title.


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