Follow these rules and people will follow you.



I am talking about the principles mentioned in this book. The author correctly states – I think – that if you have a checklist of 21 laws and you are also able to check them all off, there is going to be a huge crowd following you wherever you go.

But I have a question for you and for myself: ‘who wants everyone to follow them? Is that the secret desire of everyone – to be followed?’

Well, I have a friend, who is a truck driver by name John. He is a very blithesome, cheerful guy who loves life. But the kinds of things he does are not all very much in the realm of popular social expectations of behaviour. For want of time and space, and for the better part of tact, I don’t wish to go into all the details, but I can assure you that he is a very decent gentleman. He even prays every day! His prayer consists of asking for forgiveness and for a good life for himself and his kids – fairly noble goals indeed. However, there are lots of things that he needs forgiveness from the good Lord every day. Now I am sure that he doesn’t want to be in the public light and be followed by a whole bunch of people wherever he goes! No way! That is the last thing he would need.

I have reasons to believe that there are lots of Johns out there. I don’t have the luxury of the numbers here – but let me make up a percentage for the sake of argument. Let us say, 95% of the people do not want to be followed by mobs or paparazzi or peeping Toms, which is a fair intuitive estimate. In that case, isn’t John C. Maxwell talking to the other 5% of the population only? Perhaps these five percent of the people are experts like Maxwell themselves so much so that they have a few laws and tips up their sleeves that are not in Maxwell’s book.

I am just taking my imagination down a tizzy path. For all I know, Mr. Maxwell has put together everything that there possibly is in his cute book.


I value your views. What do you think?

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