Lunch packed with love



This morning I happened to see the little strip of paper on a ziplock pouch. And I thought – ‘isn’t it awesome?’

Whoever thought a little lunch packed in a hurry could be a love statement?

However, for a message to be effective there are three elements that must all come together.
1. Encoding with true spirit. For example, if you yelled and called names and also put this sticker, then the words don’t mean anything.
2. Transmitting, which is the medium, in this case lunch box.
3. Decoding by the receiver. It may be unnoticed, may sleepwalk over it, whatever, in which case, the message doesn’t serve it purpose.

You know what I mean. #1 and #2 are very important and lots of times, one or the other or both may be out of whack.

If everything works out, it will be a long moment of joy for the sender and the receiver, that is truly one of the most beautiful memories that can last for ever. It is true that the most beautiful things in life are absolutely free. Think about it.


I value your views. What do you think?

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