“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”


Ever heard of de-Christianized Christendom, or de-Islamized Muslim World, or a de-Buddhizised Buddhist World?

Globe and Mail correspondent Doug Sanders’s recommendation for a peaceful world in his recent book ‘Myth of Muslim World’ boils down to just that.

According to him the first part has already arrived in the West, while it is very inconceivable to expect the second.

I definitely want to agree with him. But that reminds me of Mohandas Gandhi, the famous Indian leader who mobilized the entire nation to rise against their English rulers with peaceful disobedience. Gandhi’s quote is the title of my post.

I am intrigued that the core values of every self-help and managerial best seller nowadays are the same.

All men and women are created equal. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Wisdom and the path of wisdom are the best bet for man. The secret of happiness and fulfillment is right within everyone, there is no need to search elsewhere. The past is history, future is mystery, today is a gift, otherwise called the present. In other words, the past has no influence other than that which one chooses assign to it. Or, in other words, God has forgiven your trespasses, if you also do not hold grudge against others, no matter what. Love, hope and faith (or belief) are the biggest empowering emotions. If one believes, he can move even a mountain by mere wishing (this may be an exaggeration). If one believes, he can heal every sickness. One should wish well for even his enemies. There is nothing that can be achieved by worrying. Living in the present and being alive to the world are the essence of life. If everyone behaved like this, the world will become a New World, which could be called Heaven on Earth.

Now take this metaphor – ‘me and my father are one.’ Another : ‘the observer and the observed are the same single being.’ Yet another simplification: ‘the awareness and the thinker are actually one.’ Well, many recent philosophers like Jiddu Krishnamurthy, Nathaniel Brandon and Eckart Tolle have tried to explain this concept.

I am pleasantly surprised that these are all the core values one would find in Jesus’s teachings. Of course for hundreds of years, they ridiculed him, fought him, but now it is the time of Jesus’s victory. But victory for him is the so-called de-Christianized world! That is what Gandhi mentioned too.

UN Charter of Human Rights, American Declaration of Independence, Canadian Charter of Rights, the code of ethics of every professional body (accounting, engineering, medicine, project management ), the basis of every national constitution, the list goes on… The foundation would certainly be the above inalienable rights and principles. These ‘facts’ have now become adopted as ‘truth’ into the human psyche cutting across every national boundary imaginable. Yet, these principles do not go by the name of Christianity any more, which is the secret of de-Christianized Christendom. Christendom is becoming increasingly pervasive universally and Jesus is winning; but it is a victory that started with ridicule.



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