Your job is to enjoy


The other day I noticed a statement in the world of facebook: “your job is to like us.”

Isn’t it amazing to have a job that only asks to like or dislike things?

The advice for a successful life is to accept the past, enjoy the present and have a passion for the future. I agree.

That boils down to enjoying the present moment. However, it is the hardest thing to do.

I remember a Toastmasters speech a couple of years back where the speaker passionately advocated setting a personal goal of increasing the fun in everyday activities by 10%. The idea is good, but how is that possible? There is no practical step in this statement to find a way to enjoy or to increase the pre-existing enjoyment, let alone measure it in percentages.

Children are spontaneous and find enjoyment in every moment. But as people grow older, they sadly alienate themselves from fun and attend to only serious stuff. Now their job is only to fret an fume and manipulate and take revenge and so on. They are so consumed by these thoughts that genuine opportunities to enjoy elude them.

Opportunities to enjoy do not require great investments of time or money. They are everywhere. Figure out what makes you happy, or what used to make you happy as a child. Live the hell out of your life in the current moment by doing some of those very activities to begin with. It might sound silly, but why is that not possible?

If a music and dance party made you happy, why not do that again? If jumping up and down on bed made you happy, why not buy a trampoline and do it and laugh your guts out? If listening to music made you happy, why not do that right away? There are countless ways we can find happiness. It is only a matter of choice to realize that the most important job right now is the job of enjoying the moment, not anything else.


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  1. I love this! I feel like my sort of goal lately has been not to find the activities that “make me” happy, but to find the feeling of happiness and joy at the present moment alone. I mean, if I was going to die, as morbid as that sounds, I’d be happy just for a few more breaths. Why not enjoy those few breaths now? Why not just be happy at the feeling of my feet on the ground, the feeling of a smile on my face? Cultivating that feeling of gratitude and joy on purpose has helped me to find it in many activities like you mention! This is great, thank you so much for sharing it, it’s a great reminder to cultivate that feeling and not forget about the wonderfulness of the present moment 🙂

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