Goodness in disguise


A few years back I used to believe that the world was fully corrupt and all money making vocations were evil. It was also in line with Jesus’s assertion that God and mammon cannot go together. Seen in this light, going to church was a futile exercise as inevitably even the congregants had to be votaries evil.

After going through professional ethics examinations for engineering and project management practices in Canada, I seem to be getting a different perspective about evil in everyday life.

Jesus’s two condensed commandments are famously to ‘love The Lord your God with all your heart’ and to ‘love your neighbour as yourself.’ There are no laws and prophets above these laws. These two laws have been difficult to digest for a long time.

What does it mean to love your god with all your heart? What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself?

Well, I have begun to think that the former is the assertion that truth is supreme, incit omnia veritas, or truth alone triumphs, etc.

What is truth? Well, I remember getting into an argument with a classmate of mine several decades ago about this. His answer was that the closest humanity came to realizing the truth was when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus the question; unfortunately Jesus was rushed and he did not get a chance to answer, and alas, we lost the answer for ever!

But what is truth? I think that is what actually is, which is also metaphorically God. There is no way one can go against the truth for ever as that is simply impossible. It is as simple as that. I think that is a profound, yet simple realization.

On to the second commandment, which is to love your neighbour as yourself. Professional ethical questions relate to this very ‘other’ consciousness.

Therefore, finally, I am beginning to think that work places are being silently transformed into places where the two commandments are made to play out by force. That is a significant happening indeed.


I value your views. What do you think?

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