A new HR Model to look at


Tim Ferris author of various popular books on lifestyle design has made this observation about himself.

The number of people he employs? Zero.
The number of employees working for his company? 200 -300.

He also points out that he has transcended the two differing management styles – participative and authoritarian – by eliminating the human component in the management of business completely.

Just think about this.

We are being told that it is not good to say bad things about your boss or company to the new employer. It is also true that the new employer will value reference from the current employer very strongly. Therefore, an employee facing discrimination or harassment at work is more likely to remain silent about it than ever speak out.

The above condition is now accepted in Human Resources market as the de facto norm. However, a cursory look at the above paragraph makes it clear that this cannot be a good model.

Tim Ferris’s alternate way of using internet to build a virtual company where everyone is accountable to himself is a great idea of the future.


I value your views. What do you think?

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