Becoming a better you


Joel Osteen’s book by the above name has some important lessons that interested me.

1. Keep pressing forward: I take it as the arrow of time, or in Jesus’s words, let the dead bury their own dead.

Zig Zigler said:

The past is important insofar as it has brought you to where you are; but it is not nearly as important as how you see your future.

Don’t be buried in the past, what we do right now decides the future.

2. Be positive:

Accusatory voices have been nagging you. Sometimes guilt overburdens people and they keep repenting again and again endlessly. Joel asks to cut off the nagging words and to apologize only once. And then you are growing, the past is past. Forget it.

In my words, I would say that Joel has done remarkably well by pointing out the power of self narration. Most people have long narrational and experiencing states of mind during the wakefulness. The narrative is usually about the past mistakes or things gone wrong or how miserable they are and so on and so forth. They become so obsessed with a continuous narrative in the background of everything they do, so much so that they fail to smell the roses as they pass by. The even appear clumsy in much of what they do.

Switching off this useless narrative and turning on a new type of narrative is an extremely powerful tool. The new narrative is about the future, what you want to be, what you believe you are, etc.

In real world, we have to see something to believe it, but in the spiritual world, the opposite is true, which is, to believe first and then you will see it.

3. Better relationships

Be good to family, people.

Be free with your compliments and be quick to vocalize them. People perform better under praises rather than criticism.

4. Form better habits.

There is a whole new book on how to cultivate good habits and how to get rid of bad habits.

Bloomberg has reviewed Charles Duhigg’s book ‘The Power of Habbit’.

Develop a habit of happiness.

5. and 6. I will leave these points. Maybe I will write later.

7. Be passionate about life.

Always have goals. Accomplish and checkmark current goals and as soon as you are done, plan your new goals. I think this is a very good piece of advice. Life is a continuous motion in the forward direction, we must have goals.

I am planning to live a long, healthy, prosperous life.

Move from believing to expecting.

Zig Zigler:

Plan, prepare and expect to win.


I value your views. What do you think?

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